Pathway of Hope

There's never been a better day to take the first step! 

With The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope,

a better future is possible! 

Approximately 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty, putting American

poverty level at an all-time high. Children raised in poverty are

32 times more likely to live in poverty as adults. The Salvation Army

has responded to the need to break this cycle with The Pathway of Hope.


The Pathway of Hope provides targeted services to families striving to

break free of intergenerational poverty. The Salvation Army will partner

with families wanting to change their situation and are willing to share

accountability with us for planned actions. As families achieve increasing

stability, their degree of hope about their futures will also increase,

serving as motivation along their journey to sufficiency.


Call Susanne at 319-364-9131 today if you are interested in learning more

about this program.  


Meet Mary: 


Before enrolling in the Pathway of Hope program, her life was a little screwed up.  It was unstable and she was unable to find a job.  She didn't know where to go or what to.  She wanted to get an education, but life was always in the way.  She was unable to accomplish anything, starting and stopping different things in her life. 

"I've had a very hard life.  I wasn't on drugs, but my family was not good.  I had an abusive husband and I got divorced.  When there's nobody there and you have nobody to turn to."

"I just had a lot of struggles.  Not to say that she doesn't have struggles anymore, but now she knows how to handle them."

 "Nothing is a quick fix, but at least you're not by yourself.  They help you when they can, but you've got to help yourself.  It's important to help yourself."  

"They hold you accountable but in a nice way. In the program there is somebody there that will help you and pray with you and walk you through things.  If you need something, they'll figure out a way to get that so you can better yourself." 

"I have children and their older and I always push them to better theirselves, but I wasn't doing it for myself.  So I had somebody to help me better myself and kind of gave me the tools to want to keep going.  Because you get depressed and you don't want to keep going."

"Where I come from a lot of people say 'You gotta look to God to help, you don't need this.'  Well, why does God have people to help you.  You know, you're asking for help and He's having people to help you and you don't want the help."  

"This is a great program.  I wish they had it when I was younger because I could have achieved a lot when I was younger."

Mary is now one class away from getting her diploma and has received her CNA along with a good job. //  


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